Beware; the next post could make you to install a game on your mobile highly addictive. We talk about Candy Crush, the “worst” game world. The concept is simple, is the classic game where you have to join groups of three candies of the same color to be eliminate.

candy vrush, the worst game world

However, it has a variant that makes it a unique game and the social component of the last big hits. In addition, that Candy Crush is somewhat different. It is one of those games that you think its complete nonsense until he decides to try to start to lose valuable time of your life. In addition, I proceed to explain clearly.

Candy Crush is a game where we have five lives. When we overcome a level, move to the next and everything is equal. However, when we do not get over it, we lose a life, and that is when your real life begins to expire. Five opportunities to lose the level. Once that has happened, we cannot keep playing until another life. when we win another life? Each is won on the half hour, so we have to wait. Although we can also choose to pay and earn a living directly, and it is precisely that survives Candy Crush.

In Candy Crush there is only one type of game, but the best is when you connect with Facebook, as we can see at what level reached by our contacts. Thus, the component is added to want to overcome, which means that, again, get lives into something even more essential. In any case, it’s best to download and install it, because a priori is completely free and you need not pay.