In the market there are different virtual keyboards that can be downloaded for Google’s mobile platform, Android, from the app store Google Play. Some of them are paid and many are free. However, for example, if the default keyboard that comes in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 does not convince the client, the client must download and install one of the variants offered by developers. All explain how to change the virtual keyboard of the Korean model several simple steps.

change keyboard on samsung galaxy note 2

First, we test the keyboard with any Soft Keyboard that, in addition to changing the appearance of the virtual keyboard, also offers packages in different languages to adapt both the predictive text, the keyboard itself is showing different possible words while the user is writing- as offering different special characters in each language.

Once you have downloaded and installed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the user must go to the main menu of Android where all the icons of apps installed. Once inside you will find the icon “Settings” and select it. Within this menu, there are different sections: wireless, device, personal, and system accounts. The section of interest in this context is referring to the “Personal”. In addition, more specifically, the option is called “Language and introduction”.

Within this, the user can configure different aspects of mobile Samsung, including the language in which to manage the entire operating system. Although in this case, we will set us in the section that is just below the language. There you should see the name of the new keyboard next to other options such as voice dictation by Google or Samsung’s own keyboard. That is, the new keyboard installed any soft Keyboard should appear as an option to dial. In addition, for this to work, your box must be marked. Although this is not enough for the changes to take effect.

In addition, there is another option on the top in which is proposed which keyboard is the default installed, the keyboard will work at all times and in all applications installed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. To change the default setting, which in this case is “Samsung keyboard”, you must click on the option and choose the keyboard you want as the default. Having done this step, the changes will effect emerge without having to restart the Korean terminal?

However, beware, for example, in this particular case, so that everything works well in Spanish-or any other language, the customer must download, free basis, the language pack where you would normally type from the terminal. Of course, if the keyboard finally unconvincing, the steps to change the text input method is the same. In addition, if you do not want to take up space in memory, just proceed to remove the keyboard from the internal memory as follows: We must turn to “Settings” and Section “Device” to choose the option “Application Manager”. Once inside the box above will mark that says “All” and find the keyboard that was previously installed. Be selected in the next menu and there is an option “Uninstall”.