Browsers are an essential part of mobile devices with any OS, and Android is no exception. The terminals typically include a default, usually based on Chromium, which is not always liked by the users. For this reason, there are different programs and among them is Firefox (widely used in desktops and laptops). Well, just know that there is a new update to the Android development.

firefox browser coming with android

As usual when a new improvement, one of the key parts is the bug fix. This also occurs at this time, since some data such as web access secure HTTPS erratic or slow response with some proxies have been solved. Therefore, it is clear that Mozilla, developer of this browser having problems listening to users.

New additions: But not only have been provided in this new update fixes, but some developments are heading. For example, there is now preliminary support for WebRTC (communication technology in real time), support has included two high-resolution displays (such as Nexus 10) and working with JavaScript is much better. This means that the work has been doubt and fruitful.

In addition, some changes have occurred. The scaling algorithms HTML are now much better, resulting in a better experience when viewing images on screen. We also work with different tabs is benefited, since switching between them is now faster. All this, “dotted” with better support for HTML5, allowing faster when navigating. That is, several positive things and all.

If you want to try Firefox, you can download it free from Google Play at this link. By the way, this update has reached other operating systems, so improvements are global to all users of this browser, systematically, is getting better.